My Personal Work

Personal ventures, UI/UX design, and current/past work.

Simpli Fitness

Simpli Fitness is a platform for trainers, clients, and individuals to track progress and stay healthy.

Simpli started out of frustration of not being able to find a simple to use fitness tracker on the market. Fitness software has become a market where information is thrown at the user. Blog posts, recipe suggestions, friends lists. So many things that the user doesn't want. Simpli was made to track your fitness first and foremost.

Individual user? Awesome! Track your fitness goals and make sure you're improving in whatever area you want to! Trainer? No problem. Add your clients to your client list in-app and track their progress along with them.



Guarded Safety

Guarded Safety is a college campus safety app. Through our college, we were able to pitch and win a total of $16,250 of funding for the app.

The app has many safety functions; Interactive campus map, fake phone calls, alerting friends and family preemptively in an emergency, and notifications from the college campus.


Rapid Lines

Rapid Lines was a Unity3D game that had a fun, mobile friendly take on a Guitar Hero-esque type gameplay. Square and circles would fall from the top of the screen, and you would have to match them to the shapes on the bottom of the screen by tapping them to cycle between circles and squares. As the game went on, shapes fell faster and in more complicated patterns.



RateGigs was a commissioned project to develop an app that could be a place for people to rate and review live music.


Chip Fit

Chip fit was a commission from Central Michigan University to find a way to encourage their students to be more active. The app tracked gym visits and challenges, which students could then use to get prizes.

My Recent Work

  • Rodio, Inc. - Lead iOS/React Native Engineer
    Sep 2019 - July 2020

  • Rodio, Inc. - iOS Engineer.
    May 2018 - Sep 2019

  • Simpli Fitness - Founder, iOS Developer, Django/Python engineer.
    Jan 2019 - Current


Skills and Achievements

Below is a list of software i'm familiar with, and also a few achievements I'm proud of. This is not a full extensive list of applicable skills, simply what I think is most important to showcase.

  • Familiarity with Django, Python and REST API's
  • Familiarity with Google Cloud Services, specifically Postgres and storage.
  • Experience working with and developing API's, hosting servers (Digitial Ocean, GCP)
  • Passion for UI/UX, experience designing from the ground up (Simpli Fitness) and A/B testing experiences.
  • Winner of $16,250 in pitch compeitions pitching Guarded Safety
  • Multiple apps published to the app store (Rapid Lines, Guarded Safety, Chip Fit, Simpli Fitness)